Excellent investment potential
The demand for a quality urban lifestyle is on the rise, and so could be your benefits from it. Located in the city center of a lively European capital, the residential building on "Knyaz Boris I" street, №209 guarantees you long-term investment potential with an ever-growing value when it comes to:
  • Long and short-term rentals;
  • Reselling the property;
  • Initiating a small touristic enterprise;
  • Or simply keeping your money safe from inflation.

The building is located in an area where a number of improvements are forthcoming under the new local Detailed Development Plan.

The building of numerous pedestrian and bicycle lanes, green areas, and recreation spaces is planned in the wide pedestrian zone, located only 50 meters from "Knyaz Boris I" street, №209.

Combined with the attractive location in the city center, this development plan guarantees an ever-growing demand for properties in the neighborhood and a stable investment with a continually increasing value over time.

Because intelligent financial management has never been easier!

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